Follow these 5 simple steps to make payment using MoneyGram:

Step 1 - Find a MoneyGram agent, click here to locate your local MoneyGram office or agent.

Step 2 - Visit your MoneyGram agent, taking some personal identification with you, ie passport, driving license, national identity card or government issued identification.

Step 3 - Complete a simple ‘send’ form, update Destination with "United Kingdom" and Receiver with our collection agents name "Tammy Kathleen Smith". Hand this to the MoneyGram agent along with the money you want to send and the transfer fee.

Step 4 - You will be given a reference number.

Step 5 - Please send us the reference number and date of transfer or a copy of your proof of payment to [email protected] so we can speed up your registration process

Please allow 2 working days for your payment to be cleared and processed.

IMPORTANT: Please note transaction transfer charges will be for your account, please instruct your agent accordingly.

Once we have received your payment we will e-mail you to confirm your payment and begin your enrolment.


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