Why Choose ShippingCollege!

Our Courses

The courses are adapted and personalised to suite your needs and lifestyle and are of the highest quality. Our courses are practical and easy to understand and to implement in the work environment. Your online course is facilitated by your personal e-Tutor and a Personal Course Plan is sent to you each week by your e-Tutor to assist you to meet your study schedule.

Our Students' Successes

Our students go on to achieve their personal business objectives by enriching their knowledge base through our courses. This gives them confidence to pursue their career ambitions and to accelerate their career progress.

Our E-Campus and Global Network

Students have 24/7 access to information via our online e-campus. They have unlimited access to the online library, their courses for downloading and their online exams.

Unique Learning Environment

Our course writers are international experts with 20+ years' experience in this specialised industry. We are recognised as training professionals. Our professional licences, associations and memberships help keep us in touch with the shipping community, the same shipping community that we are training you to join or assist your growth within it.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of ShippingCollege is to provide students with a dynamic education based on excellence and flexibility that creates lasting value and relevance for evolving careers.

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Flexible Studying Options

  • Providing flexible quality course content that is practically required in the particular field of study.
  • Focusing on mastering practical skills and techniques.
  • Providing online courses for a flexible learning approach. 

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